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About Sea to Sky Kids

Sea to Sky Kids is a website created through the local BC Early Years Centre, Putting Children First Initiative, Success By 6 and Sea to Sky Community Services to serve and provide families and service providers with easy access to information in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Early Years Centre

  • The Early Years Centre is a program funded by the Province of British Columbia. In the Sea to Sky Corridor, the program is run by Sea to Sky Community Services. The program aims to help communities work together to ensure that families have access to early years services that foster the health, well-being and development of children. The program builds on what currently exists in a community; expanding to include multiple agencies, health and education partners, and others to deliver the following key service features:
    • Parenting support information and/or programs to support children’s social and emotional well-being.
    • Access to early intervention information, referrals, and/or services.
    • Health promotion and prevention information and/or services.
    • Information and/or linkages that support young children transitioning to Kindergarten.
    • Information on child care programs available in the local community.

    For more information about B.C. Early Years Centres, visit www.mcf.gov.bc.ca/early_years/centres.htm.

Sea to Sky Community Services


Success by 6

  • Success by 6 is a partnership of the Province of British Columbia, Credit Unions of BC, United Ways and Aboriginal leaders. In the Sea to Sky Corridor, a regional coordinator works in partnership with other organizations to plan, implement and oversee activities that support early child development.
  • Learn more: http://www.successby6bc.ca/

Putting Children First

  • Putting Children First is an program of the Province of British Columbia. In the Sea to Sky Corridor, the Sea to Sky Putting Children First Initiative is funded by the Province of British Columbia, Success by 6 and the United Way of the Lower Mainland. In the corridor, a local planning team — made up of service providers, health providers, educators and community members — works with a regional coordinator to undertake projects that build local capacity to respond to the needs of young children and their families.
  • Learn more: http://www.seatoskychildrenfirst.ca/


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