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La Leche League Squamish
Work Squamish Academy of Music,,  38121 Second Avenue Work Phone: 604-722-0108
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This LLLC Group Typically Meets: 2nd Thursday of the month

Meeting For: All women-interested (expecting/moms, sisters, grandmas, girlfriends)

BREASTFEEDING – Making the decision
Breastfeeding is the feeding of choice. The next best thing to breast milk is a commercial infant formula. Most women are able to breastfeed provided they get the support they need, Breastfeeding has many benefits. Breastfed babies have fewer allergies and infections. Breastfeeding is easy once mom and baby learn how and takes less time then bottle feeding. Breastfeeding also costs less as you don’t have to buy commercial formulas and all the bottles with extras. Breast milk is easy for baby to digest, has exactly the right nutrition for baby, and adjusts to his/her changing needs.
If you choose not to breastfeed and cannot afford commercial formula, do not give your baby regular cow’s or goat’s milk or soy drink during the first 9-12 months. Talk to your public health or community nurse or registered nutritionist about other options.