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Spinal Health

Work Phone: For more information contact your local Chiropractor or Public Health
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Spinal checkups are recommended for all children, especially 0-6 years of age. Many spinal problems can be detected early and corrected before they become a problem later in life. Treatment includes gentle, specific adjustments and soft tissue techniques to realign and restore proper motion in the spine and pelvis. The Chiropractor will work with parents and other service providers to help promote healthy growth and development.

Symptoms that may indicate your child has a possible spinal problem;

  • Head tilt to one side

  • Toeing in or out

  • Headaches or back pain

  • Poor posture

  • Uneven shoulders or hips

  • Problems with concentration

  • Bedwetting

  • Gas of colic

  • Crawling problems

  • Coordination difficulties

Most extended plans include chiropractic care. BC Medical Services Plan provides partial coverage for chiropractic care for those qualifying for premium assistance.