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About Sea to Sky Kids

Sea to Sky Kids is a website created through the local BC Early Years Services and Sea to Sky Community Services to serve and provide families and service providers with easy access to information in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Early Years Services

Early years services are separate and distinct from other services offered by the ministry for young families (e.g. child care, child protection, mental health, or supports for children and youth with special needs), but help to broaden the range of supports available to children and families in B.C.

The system of early years services in B.C. is large and complex, with numerous government ministries, health authorities, school districts, Indigenous governments, municipalities, and hundreds of community organizations sharing the roles and responsibilities of providing supports to families.

Early years services are delivered entirely through contracted organizations. These service organizations are strong advocates for families and children. They aim to respond to families’ unique needs. Early years services can help connect families to the services they need, provide them with effective social supports and networks, and ultimately support the wellness of both a child and family.

Sea to Sky Community Services

This website is maintained by Sea to Sky Community Services. Please contact the web administrator if you have questions about it.